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This DVD-CD set Somebody’s Daughter: A Journey to Freedom from Pornography focuses on the struggle featuring Christians in ministry - a testimony that this effects Christians and non-Christians alike. This is a timeless piece that can promote awareness and also help those facing this destructive addiction. The spoken testimonies and songs speak to the hearts of the men, women, husbands and wives - the victims - being oppressed by this insidious industry.

See how this resource raises awareness of the pervasiveness and destructiveness of pornography.



six-time award winning DVD/CD set is a unique and groundbreaking resource for breaking free from pornography.

The grace-filled DVD contains four compelling music videos, forty minutes of life-giving interviews, and eight vignettes. The companion 56 minute CD has nine original songs as well as nine spoken word pieces with scripture, poetry, personal testimonies, and more. Discussion guide is also available. The DVD now comes with Spanish subtitles.

The tsunami effects of pornography on our culture are devastating, leaving in its wake a sea of wounded and crippled men and their families. Somebody needs to tell their story. America needs to know the truth behind the lies of porn. Somebody’s Daughter is that story. Tastefully and masterfully done, Somebody's Daughter is a must-see for every man in America. It combines intimacy and transparency like no other video I’ve ever seen on the subject. And it powerfully demonstrates that, in Christ and through Christ, there is freedom from the crushing grip of porn.

Roy Abbott
President, Focal Point Ministries



Raising awareness of the pervasiveness and destructiveness of pornography DVD – 62 minutes

Three men and a husband and wife share their personal struggle with
pornography confronting the lies and darkness of this addictive force with
compelling honesty and hope. The DVD also contains four music videos
and eight vignettes. The 55 minute bonus CD contains 9 original songs,
stories, poetry, and scripture readings.



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Raw and realistic, gripping, tender, and convicting - Somebody’s Daughter stands in the gap between Satan’s promotion of sexual sin and God’s redeeming hope for a free future. - Marnie C. Ferree, M.A., LMFT; Director, Bethesda Workshops, Nashville, TN

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