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After sharing a popular meme first posted on Rowdy Conservatives this past week, we found ourselves having some interesting conversations, on- and off-line. Our Awareness Representative, Elizabeth, summed it up rather well in a guest blog post. This is not a political post or a hint at our political views, so please refrain from making comments in that manner or any rude comments for that matter. We're simply trying to continue some much needed conversations. 

By Elizabeth B. 

This is a needed and valuable conversation. Understandably, people view fiction and a presidential nominee in very different categories and standards. Part of the hurdle in comparing Trump’s repulsive comments to Fifty Shades has more to do with the romantic characterization of the book.

The book garnered huge support, however the majority of people who DIDN'T like it objected to its graphic and kinky content. To truly understand the misogyny, female degradation, and control underpinning the story line in Fifty Shades requires considerable thought and consideration. I have to wonder, did most readers see past the surface and attempt to understand what drove both the characters in the book, and the countless readers proclaiming it a victory for sexual freedom, and specifically, female sexual freedom?

Fifty Shades made it seem that the man would only do what the woman consented to, no matter how badly he wanted to do otherwise. The character was ostensibly enough in control of himself to wait for - or manipulate - the woman's consent. Interestingly though, our modern public arena strives to make men and women equal, and political correctness forbids such displays of 'masculinity.'

A large percentage of us have been taught, for millennia, that men are made to be in control and women are made to respond to that. That's why pornography and BDSM often depict a woman being subjugated, degraded, and used by a man...and the woman depicted as deriving pleasure from such treatment.

The issue in this case is both one of consent and one of misogyny. To compare Fifty Shades to something clearly awful and non-consensual, aka Trump’s reprehensible comments, is to evoke every woman's personal experience of sexual harassment, which is very real and by no means in the realm of the fictional.

Many people though will not see, or choose not to see, how Fifty Shades of Grey and Donald Trump's comments are related. 

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